Teens and Adults

Adult & Teen Classes

At Chung’s Martial Arts, our expert instructors combine traditional martial arts techniques, exciting drills, and the latest scientific exercises to give our students the ultimate workout! We continuously vary our routine and constantly encourage our students to improve and remain motivated.

​Martial Arts Is Great For Adults

You don’t need prior experience. You don’t need to be in the best shape. In fact, most of our adult students are busy, hard working men and women with no experience who have decided to take action in achieving their goals.

Our adult classes can be challenging, but with the support of our friendly instructors and other motivated adults, we know that you have the ability to meet every challenge. We will be right there to guide you, step by step, on the physical, mental, and emotional journey to Black Belt!

Martial Arts For Teens and Young Adults

Our teen classes give young people a safe and constructive activity to enjoy with other teens and young adults. Martial Arts gives young people a positive influence and effective outlet for their energy and emotions. We have observed that teens receive among the greatest benefit from martial arts training.

However, Chung’s Martial Arts is not just your average martial arts studio. We also offer our young a people a chance to learn from champions and provide rare and beneficial experiences for our students, including our Competition Team and CMA Action Team.

one caucasian man practicing Taekwondo in studio isolated on white background
At CMA, you will gain:
  • Improved strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance
  • Weight loss and muscle tone
  • Functional self defense skills
  • Improved concentration and coordination
  • A rewarding activity to enjoy with other motivated adults

​Of course, the best way to know if CMA is right for you is to try! Register for our Introductory Program to see how martial arts can benefit you!

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