Self Defense

Self Defense Classes Near Me In Jarrettsville, Maryland

Self Defense Courses

Our Self Defense courses are designed with your safety in mind. We cover topic from avoiding dangerous situations and setting verbal boundaries to escaping holds and attacking vulnerable areas. Best of all, we focus on natural, simple techniques that don’t require years of training or conditioning to execute. In other words… any one can do it! Download syllabus for more information on the topics we cover.

At CMA Self Defense, you will gain:

  • Increased awareness and danger response
  • Better confidence for setting verbal boundaries
  • Simple effective escapes
  • Strategies for exiting dangerous situations
  • An understanding of what to expect in a dangerous situation
  • The comfort of not being afraid

What Makes Our Program Different?

Simply put, our courses teach you how to survive. We cover realistic scenarios in an intense and honest course that often includes relevant talks from abuse survivors, law enforcement, and professional martial artists.

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