Kids Classes (7-12)

Children's Program


Our children’s classes offer top martial arts instruction in a clean, safe, and friendly environment. Our system combines age-appropriate martial arts techniques with exciting drills and relevant games to build fitness and technical skills in classes that students can’t wait to attend!

Our patient, friendly team strives to ensure that each student grows at his or her own pace and remains motivated throughout classes. We develop confidence through continuous positive reinforcement, while challenging our students to bring out their very best.

Whether your child’s goal is to become an elite Taekwondo competitor, learn self defense, or build confidence, we have an awesome program for your family!


Chung's Martial Arts Teaches Life Skills

Our programs not only promote technical martial arts skills and physical fitness, but life skills. We systematically introduce character skills as an integral part of our program. We believe that the progression to black belt should be accompanied by a journey of personal development, including developing respect for parents, focus in school, cooperation among siblings and peers, and the confidence to avoid bullying. We are committed to bringing out the best in our students and strive to help each child become not only a champion in the martial arts, but a champion in life!

At Chung's Martial Arts, your child will learn:

  • Better focus and concentration skills
  • Build confidence and self-respect
  • Balance, strength, and coordination
  • To treat others with courtesy and respect
  • Self-control and cooperation
  • Coordination and the benefits of exercise and physical fitness
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • Perseverance and not giving up when faced with challenges

Learn more about the benefits of our program!

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